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Green & Spring’s heritage, what inspires us and how we cherish our ingredients

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Our Inspiration

Inspired completely by the British countryside, Green & Spring products are created using herbs and flowers native to the British Isles. The products breathe in the goodness of land and, mixed with other ingredients to assist their efficacy and aroma, they exhale the amazing.


Our Commitment

British Ingredients

Green & Spring products contain extracts from plants native to the UK which have been cherished for their therapeutic qualities by English apothecaries for hundreds of years. These include lavender, chamomile, reosemary, rosehip, red clover, elderflower, thyme, geranium, marshmellow, comfrey, dandelion, peppermint, fennel and rose.

Natural and Ethcial Ingredients

Green & Spring use 100% natural botanical materials. All herbal extracts are sourced from the UK and all our ingredients are sourced ethically.

Essential Oils

Green & Spring uses natural essential oils of the highest quality (never nature-identical oils). Essential oils are the concentrated, aromatic essence of the plant, extracted from all its parts (leaves, stems, roots etc) and have been used for centuries. They have been scientifically researched and are shown to contain remarkable therapeutic properties - both psychological and physical. Their credibility runs hand in hand with care and level of ratios used. Green & Spring uses high ratios of essential oils in order to maximise well-being.

An essential oil consists of chemical compounds which have hydrogen, carbon and oxygen as their building blocks - the only material used in the cosmetic industry that is truly holisitic (ie penetrating the skin and affecting the mind, body and spirit).

Hard-blended Products

All our products are made by hand in the British countryside, This ensures the freshest batch quality and allows for considerable attention to detail (for example, avoiding the overheating of key ingredients which would make them 'pasteurised' and thereby destroying any natural benefits).


All Green & Spring products are free from parabens, SLS, SLES, PEGS, glycols, petrochemicals, synthetic colours and fragrances.

A Note on Preservatives

Preserving a product against fungal bacteria and viral infection in both oil and water mediums is particularly important when using high ratio botanical materials as opposed to synthetic and semi-synthetic materials which are more commonly used in the cosmetic industry. Our research has led us to avoid potentially controversial ingredients such as parabens, formaldehyde, glycol and isothiazolinone thereby elimintating the concerns attached to the environment impact such as aquatic toxicity.

Cowley Manor Spring Water

All the aqueous based products in the range contain natural spring water sourced from the Cowley estate, further promoting well-being.

Animal Testing

None of our products, nor the ingredients within them are tested on animals.


Our packaging components are sourced from the UK and the EU as much as is possible. All our bottles and outer-packaging are recyclable.