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A gentle everyday shampoo for all hair types. The rosemary and lavender balance and condition the hair as the marshmallow soothes.

Inspired by aromatic kitchen herbs, the Relaxing range of bath and body products blends the soothing fragrance of lavender with the nurturing and restorative properties of comfrey and rosemary. Our products are naturally free from artificial colours, fragrances, parabens, SLS, SLES, PEGs, petrochemicals and have not been tested on animals. Handmade in the British Isles.

"I have been looking at this product for a while now, decided to give it a try, I have washed hair with it for over 10 days now, as my hair is naturally curly, I am a natural red head, my hair is naturally dry and I suffer from eczema and a lot of allergies, I am always nervous about trying anything new, skincare, bodycare and haircare. This product smells natural and is relaxing and a pleasure for me to use, it is easy to rinse out and even without using a conditioner it is soft, easy to brush and cleans my hair, and it smells wonderful. to be honest I do not tend to write a lot of reviews, but I have decided to do one for this product. Its becoming one of my favourites, to use and reach for more often than not, and I wash my hair everyday! You do not need to use a lot of product, a little really does go a long way (my hair is long, and it is waist length) Glad I got 2 :D"
"This shampoo is excellent. It cleans the hair well and a small amount makes a good lather. My hair is very fine and fly away but I find after using this shampoo it is very manageable and has a nice shine. It smells wonderful and the bottle looks pretty. I was doubtful about trying it as in the past I found other natural makes of shampoo left the hair feeling uncleansed and with no shine. I will certainly be getting it again. rn"
     K°benhavn K
"The shampoe has a good consistency.rnComfortable and natural scent.rnI like this product "
"This is a very good products and leaves the hair soft and shiny. I fisrst discovered the range in a hotel and was converted."
     Los Angeles
"Great shampoo!"
"Excellent. Wonderful texture and smell. A complete hit."
"Since childhood i've been suffering from dandruff and nothing ever helped. During our stay in Canal House in Amsterdam NL i tried this shampoo and since then my scalp has totally recovered and the dandruff has disappeared. Its unbelieveable!!"
"I had been looking for ages for a shampoo that would really clean my hair and leave it feeling soft and cleansed. Every conventional shampoo I had tried seemed to leave my hair feeling heavy and greasy even straight after washing. The Green & Spring Relaxing Shampoo has been amazing. It smells great and leaves my hair feeling ultra soft and clean. I use it in conjunction with the Green & Spring Conditioner and have never looked back!"
"I was experiencing recurrent scalp pruritus whilst using other shampoos.My scalp'since starting using your product,is almost back to "normal""
"As above."
"nice smell and cleaned well"
"As above"
     Los Angeles
"Hair is very soft and nice aroma."