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Green & Spring’s heritage, what inspires us and how we cherish our ingredients

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Green & Spring was established by Jessica and Peter Frankopan, who alsofounded A Curious Group of Hotels – which includes Cowley Manor and its award winning C-Side Spa in the Cotswolds, L’Hotel and the Michelin star Le Restaurant in Paris and Canal House in Amsterdam and The Portobello Hotel in London.

Having an active hand in the development of spa treatments at C-Side, it was a growing concern of Jessica’s that skincare should be both natural and nourishing.  It was out of that concern and with inspiration taken from the spectacular countryside which surrounds Cowley Manor, that Jessica and Peter set out to develop a new, natural bath, body and skincare range which utilises the abundance of naturally efficacious herbs and flowers native to the British Isles.  
Drawing upon their own expertise and bringing onside a team with a background in the research, production, management and marketing of natural beauty products – Green & Spring launched in June 2009.
Cowley Manor
Cowley Manor is a fabulous country house hotel, sitting in glorious Cotswold countryside surrounded by parkland, woods and meadows. The famous gardens feature several natural springs, a series of lakes, and elaborate Victorian cascades. They are home to an internationally renowned collection of flora and fauna, vegetation and wildlife.

Cowley Manor
opened in 2002 and its award-winning design and architecture combined to pioneer the new wave of contemporary country house hotels. With emphasis on comfort, service and very few rules, Cowley Manor is the ideal place to relax, unwind and indulge in the heart of the British countryside.

C-Side Spa
C-Side is the award-winning spa at Cowley Manor, housed in a striking modernist structure sunk into the grounds. In addition to its pools, gym, sauna and steam rooms, there are four treatment rooms offering an array of Green & Spring treatments and massages, designed specifically for Cowley Manor & C-Side.  All the treatments are unique to C-Side and are designed to leave you feeling revitalised, relaxed and indulged.